(27 April 2014)

Finally finished and uploaded the new site graphics! Due to some different codes I've had to do a quick fix on a few things since it had to go out half live, therefor some information has been reduced. Don't worry, I'll have it completely up and running in no time. The absence of updates lately stems in that I've started quite a large project and hopefully I'll be able to show something in a near future.



Added Spirit of Brazil project.



Added Ikebana vodka project.


(14 September 2011)

Added 2 paintings: Lily of the Valley & Seahorse.


(9 September 2011)

Soap dispenser project released and added to portfolio.


(14 August 2011)

Added new section: Sketches.


(16 June 2011)

Finally got some time to edit problems that have been occuring in different browsers.


(27 May 2011)

Final presentations in Marketing Psychology and Exhibition Design courses.
Will probably publish something from them here later.


(3 May 2011)

New front page and portfolio layout.


(1 May 2011)

New summer theme upploaded! More changes to the sections to come.


(29 April 2011)

Minor changes done before grand uppdate.


(28 April 2011)

Started the final project for the exhibition course.


(27 April 2011)

Presented a public installation in my exhibition class.
Might go further with it and then uppload it here later on.


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